November 02, 2009

Class on November 19th.

Ok, I have a picture of this class only because its date has been changed from the 5th to the 19th! Again, the class will be at Scrappin' Great Deals! Only $20.

It's a "Countdown to Christmas" Altered Clipboard! Reuse it year-after-year!

Next class is November 26th!

I'll be doing a class at Scrappin' Great Deals on November 26th. We'll be altering some gift bags amd making matching tags and cards. Watch for more details and pictures to follow in the next few days!

Here is a sample set of bag, tag and card.

Ok, a few posts tonight so I will start with the Halloween pictures!

Here I am in all my Octomom glory!

And, darling daughter dressed as Corinne from Barbie and the Three Musketeers. She's got her fierce on!

And, I only have a picture of darling son in a group shot. He was dressed as a soccer player!