October 25, 2008

blog etiquette

Help. I want to say thank you, and that sort of thing to those that leave comments on my blog. How do I go about doing that? I doubt people are going to come back and read the comments so I'm guessing I don't leave them there? What do you do with your blog comments? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)


Tara said...

I know that some people have emailed me about specific questions or comments I've left for them on their blogs. I don't expect it at all and I don't do it myself, but they were kind of nice to get. One woman in particular, always emailed me when I left a comment and her messages always made me smile. She passed away in a car accident just over a month ago and I'm glad I kept the emails because they still make me smile.

Cricutcrazywoman said...

Well I am new to the world of blogging. I have always wanted to blog but just did not see the sense who will read it? What will I write? Will it even matter? Since starting my blog & reading others it has been an inspiration for me & has helped me write my blogs. When I received my first comment I was so happy to see that my blog does matter and I have to say you are my first follower and I want to thank you because you make it matter. I was so happy to see you joined my blog. You have a beautiful blog and I have been reading your post and it matters because you made me smile. Thank you so much for your blog because it matters!