August 11, 2009

Ok, as promised... new posts and pictures!

July 25th was the 15 hr crop at Scrapping Great Deals. Although inspired by Sheila, there was NO WAY I could get as many layouts done as her. I was too busy "visiting!" Sheila completed about 16 layouts that day/night!

I managed to complete a project for a client. I have a family that has now purchased their THIRD Star Album from me. First the daughter for her baby girl, then the Step-mom inlaw for her baby boy, and now the mom for a 50th Wedding Anniversary she is attending. The other two claimed to have loved theirs, so I am hoping she will be just as happy with hers!

Her are some pics of the three of them...

I also got a layout done that included some pictures my dad had emailed me. He wasn't sure who had taken the pictures, but it was of alot of Bald Eagles feeding at Comox, BC. And, I do mean ALOT. See for yourself! (And thanks to whomever took the photos. They are stunning!)

Elsie and I went to a play called "There's a Mouse in the House" The mouse character had her hair in two pony-type knots on her head for ears. Elsie decided she wanted some mouse ears of her own. I knew that it would leave her hair nice and wavy, so I convinced her to let me put them all over her head. Um, can you say ROCKSTAR?

The Flower Ranch is a nursery in Strathroy. Every year at Christmas, they invite local school kids to have their picture taken with Santa. They have a huge spread of cake, cookies, coffee, crafts for the kids, etc. Oh, and a free photo with Santa! We have gone for the past few years now, and Tanner has yet to make it in to see Santa. Elsie has made it each time... with Mommy right there beside her!

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Candace said...

Carol, those star books are great. I just love them and the layouts.