August 09, 2009

OMG! Candace?!??!?!?!?

Well, that's what I was saying when I walked in to work on Friday! A little back story first. I am a member of the cricut messageboard over at There are hundreds of thousands of members, but there are about 40 that I have become close with over the past four years. We often do card swaps, gift swaps, circle journals, recipe books, and secret santas just to name a few. One of the more successful activities is matching up "secret sisters" from around the world. Now. I can't remember if Candace had Anja as her secret sister, or if it was the other way around - I think it was - but, Anja is visiting in Canada right now! I was not able to get to any of the get-togethers, so imagine my surprise when I found them SHOPPING in the store where I work! Woo hoo! It was so great to see Candace again (she lives a fair drive away) and to meet Anja! Wish they could have stayed longer, but I think they were getting a little shopped out!

Carol, Anja, and Candace at Scrappin' Great Deals

So, it was GREAT seeing you ladies! Enjoy the rest of your visit together, and have a safe journey home, Anja! P.S. I went and stole the picture from your blog! :)

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Candace said...

You are so hilarious!! Loved seeing you again.