January 12, 2011

Almost made it...

I missed it by *thatmuch*. I decided I would aim to post at least once a week until I get myself organized enough to get on here more regularly.

Today I thought I would share one of my new "loves." It started several years ago when I was away in Port Huron for a weekend crop. I wanted to dress up my daughter's room a little and so altered some letters that my hubby had cut for me out of mdf.

A few months ago, someone was looking for something similar and a deal was made! Once word got out, I think I ended up at 7 or 8 names in total... and there still may be more! Here are a few pictures.

Completely different styles, but I love how they both turned out!

Next I am thinking of doing words - love, family, hope, dream, believe - and including pictures. I'll keep ya posted...

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