October 30, 2008

In Heaven

So Elsie was absolutely beside herself yesterday.
It was her actual birthday. I can't believe my BABY is 5! ACK!
Anyway, I digress...at playgroup, the kids were to dress up to have a Halloween party. What Elsie didn't know is that they were also having a mini-celebration for her. Well, with the snow and sickness going around, Elsie was the only one there! She was treated like a DIVA. She had the lady running the program, and the volunteer all to herself! They did a few crafts, ate some candy, and then even walked around the centre delivering candy! Elsie was in her Cinderella costume so of course was ooohed and ahhhed over everywhere she went. I don't think her head came down out of the clouds until later that afternoon.
As an aside, we had to do new Cinderella hair. We discovered at the birthday party that Elsie really does not want to wear a wig. I think we did a pretty good substitute job...

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