October 28, 2008

We did it, we did it, we did it...hooray!

Made it through Elsie's birthday party, that is!
I'm pretty sure that all of the little princesses had fun. There was certainly a lot of squealing going on. I can't believe how excited Elsie got when she received a card with Princesses (and glitter) on it! The crafts turned out awesome! I had taken a 6 x 8 canvas and attached a border of pink cardstock (just at the top) as a matte. Then I used the crop-a-dile to punch a couple of holes, and attached a ribbon for hanging. I heat-embossed with black glitter embossing powder the letters for each girls' name (that I had cut with my Big Bug), and attached those ahead of time to the border. Each girl had a cup full of goodies to decorate their matte with. I took a photo of Elsie with each of the girls, and then printed them while the party went on. I put them in the frames while the girls ate their cake and, along with a small loot bag, that was their "party favor." I think they turned out great!We also played KISS THE FROG PRINCE, but I used pink heart stickers instead. No kissing in my house yet! After all, she is only just 5! :)

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