October 07, 2008


Well, this is a little sad. I started this blog so long ago, but then life got in the way.

But, so another day begins. A fresh new start to get to those things we didn't do yesterday, or the day before.

I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons. I wanted somewhere to journal and I've always found it easier to open up to a keyboard, even knowing others would have access to my thoughts.

I also wanted to have a place to create interest about scrapbooking. It is certainly not just a hobby anymore. It is a way to carry our memories forward for our loved ones. There are so many stories of my grandparents, great-grandparents, etc that I will never hear. As a kid, they were my grandparents. As I got older and they got sicker, I realized that they were people. They had lived a life similar to mine. I would love to be able to sit back and flip through albums, read their thoughts and hear their stories. I will treasure the few that I have. And, I will quiz my parents to the point of annoyance! :)

Finally, I wanted a place to display my creations. I spend so many hours seeking inspiration and then trying to put on to paper the vision in my head. I don't want the finished products to stay in an album in my basement! So, I invite you to take a look and leave comments if you wish. Good or bad, I can take it!

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