October 17, 2008

Tis' the Season!

It's hard to believe, but Christmas will be upon us before we even know it! I have always wanted to try altering a glass ornament, so figured why not today? Now I have one teacher/EA/bus driver/crossing guard gift done!

So, all I did was take an empty, plain glass ornament from Michaels. I removed the top before I started.

Then, I cut 1/2" by 6" strips of co-ordinating patterned papers. I took each strip of patterned paper and rolled it tightly around a pencil. I added a gluedot to keep them from unravelling, but I have seen them left to unravel and that effect looks great,too.

Then you just need to fill the ornament with your paper rolls. It's entirely up to you how many you want to add! I think I used about 20 rolls. Next pop the top back on, add a rub-on and a ribbon, and you are done!

I used a rub-on that looked like it would curve nicely around the ornament. I worked from the centre out when rubbing it on.

On my ribbon, I tied it at the bottom and added a gluedot to keep the tie at the bottom. The entire project took me around 15 mins. Quick, easy, and beautiful!


Tara said...

What. The. Heck.
Slow down woman.
It's still only OCTOBER!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system ... those are super cute!

Ally said...

You are just so frickin artsy fartsy. I could never think of stuff like that.

JeWill said...

Hey, I think I bought some of those ornaments when they were on sale last year! Might have to try these! They turned out cute!